Main cotton varieties cultivation techniques

21) E'zamian No. 1 1. Main points of cultivation techniques (1) Transplant the seedlings of the nutrition seedlings to ensure that all seedlings are seeded. (2) Transplanting density: 1600-2000 plants/mu, row spacing greater than 1 meter. (3) Formula fertilization, fertility medium cotton field, 12-15 kg pure nitrogen per mu, N: P2O5: K2O is 1:0.5:1. Apply enough base fertilizer to chase flowers and apply top dressing fertilizer. (4) Rationalization: The flowering period is actively controlled, the flowering period should be adjusted, and the plant height should be controlled at about 1.35 meters. (5) Doing a good job of comprehensive prevention and control of pests and diseases and high-quality cultivation of roots will lead to high yields. (6) Pay attention to the parent's preservation work. 2. The suitable area is suitable for planting in Jianghan Plain and southeastern Hubei. 3. The effect of increasing production and income is 81 kg of lint per mu, which is about 5 kg per mu than that of the regional control E cotton 18. (twenty-two) E hybrid cotton No. 5 1, cultivation techniques (1) use F1 generation seeds. (2) timely sowing. Seed sowing in mid-April, transplanting seedlings for transplanting seedlings and mulching. (3) Transplanting density. Seedling age 20-25 days transplanting, 1500-1700 strains per acre, to adopt broad line narrow planting. (4) Scientific fertilization. Base fertilizer Mushi farmyard fertilizer 2000-3000 kilograms or cake fertilizer 50 kilograms, ammonium bicarbonate 15 kilograms, superphosphate 40 kilograms, potassium chloride 10 kilograms, boron fertilizer 0.5 kilograms, zinc fertilizer 0.5 kilograms, mix thoroughly and open ditch deep. During the bud stage, 20 kg of urea was applied. After flowering, 40 kg of cake fertilizer, 20 kg of potassium fertilizer and 15 kg of compound fertilizer were used. In early August, applied 20 kg of manure fertilizer (compound fertilizer). (5) Strengthen field management and make rational adjustments. Timely cultivating, ridging earth. Leaves the branches in time and knocks out the lower 1-2 layer fruit branches. In case of high temperature drought timely irrigation drought. During the whole growing period, comprehensive prevention and control of diseases and pests should be done well. 2. The suitable area is suitable for the cultivation of disease-free or mild disease areas in Hubei Province, and it is not suitable for planting in the area of ​​verticillium wilt. 3. The effect of increasing production and income by 101 mu of lint yield per mu is about 11 kg per mu.

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