Wujing 1 (corn)

Variety identification number: MengJinyu 2004026 Nomenclature: Introduced by: Beijing DeNong Seed Industry, Tongliao Branch Source: Wuyi 1 (combination W1101H902), female parent W1101 is self-selected, belonging to 79225003, and the father is 340 Spike selection system. In 1998, it was assembled, and the identification test and comparison test were conducted in 1999. In 2003, it was approved by the Gansu Provincial Variety Approval Committee. The variety approval number is Gan Juyu 2003 No. 005. Characteristics: Plants: The leaves above the ear position are flushed, the plant type is compact and the plant height is 268cm. Spike: Ear position 115cm, ear length 23.1cm, barrel shape, bald tip 1.2cm, ear row number 18 rows, single ear grain weight 223.7g, white axis. Grains: yellow grain, half-horse grain type, grain weight 450g, seed rate 84.0%. Quality test results: Determined by the Grain Quality Supervision, Inspection and Test Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, crude protein was 10.29%, crude fat was 3.82%, crude starch was 73.6%, lysine was 0.29%, moisture was 9.2%, and bulk density was 688 g/L. Resistance identification conclusion: Resistance identification results of the Institute of Plant Protection, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2002: Large leaf spot (3R); Curvularia grisea (7S); Resistance to head smut (3.5R); High resistance to smut (OHR ); Middle stem rot (24.6 MR); Sensitive corn (7.0S). Test situation: In 2003, it participated in the production test of the autonomous region. The average yield per mu was 783.8kg at four points, which was 5.3% higher than that of Nongda 108. The two points of increase in production decreased by two points, and the growth rate was -9.7 to -24.0%, which was 4 days earlier than that of the control Nongda 108. Cultivation Techniques Points: Planting density 3000-3500/mu, timely sowing in early April. 15-20 kilograms of high-efficiency compound fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer, and the large bell-mouth period catches 20-25 kilograms of urea. Appropriate area: Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, ≥ 10 °C accumulated temperature above 2800 °C planted.

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