Gaoyou Duck (Figure)

Gaoyou Duck (female) Gaoyou Duck (gong) Gaoyou Duck, also known as Gaoyou Ma Duck, is native to Gaoyou, Jiangsu Province, and is a famous large-scale, meat-and-egg type duck breed in China. Gaoyou Duck is a good breed in the Jianghuai region of China and is one of the three famous ducks in the country. The duck is well-dive, resistant to rough feeding, strong adaptability, large eggs, good egg quality, and has long enjoyed a good reputation for producing good yellow. Gaoyou duck eggs are excellent products for eating. The texture is fresh, fine, red, oily, tender, and sandy. Protein jelly is jade, and egg yolk is red, like cinnabar. First, the appearance of characteristics Gaoyou duck female plumage brown, black spots, such as sparrow feathers; main wing feathers blue-black; kidney beans black; iridescent dark brown; pimple, pipa taupe, claw black. The drake is larger in size, wider in back, wider in shoulder, and longer in length in the chest. The head and neck upper feathers are deep peacock green, with brown reed hairs on the back, waist and chest, black buttocks and white belly. Indigo green, toes are orange-red, claw black. Second, production performance Adult duck body weight 3 to 4 kg, mother duck 2.5 to 3 kg. Ducks weighed 2.5 kg at 2 months of age. The female ducks are born 180 to 210 days of age, with an annual output of 169 eggs, an egg weight of 70-80 grams, and a white or green eggshell. Under grazing conditions, a typical body weight of 70 kilograms can reach 1.5 kilograms. With compound feed, the average body weight at 50 days was 1.78 kg. Gaoyou ducks are resistant to crude omnivorous foods and have strong feeding power. They are suitable for grazing and feeding, and they have fast growth, easy fat, and good meat quality.

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