Marine Equipment Electrical Power Consumption 7kw Waste Incinerator

Model NO.: XH
Delivery Detail: 20 Days
Electricity: AC 380V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase / AC 440V, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
Discharge Satndard: Tss<35mg/L;BOD5<25mg/L;Cod<125mg/L;Colichin<100/10
Color: Orange
Trademark: XH
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: CCS/CE/ABS
Origin: China
HS Code: 8417809090

Marine Equipment Electrical Power Consumption 7kw Waste Incinerator

The hangyu marine Waste Incinerator type HYINC-18,which is designed for on board incineration of ship's waste oil and solid,it mainly consists of four parts:
A.combustion chamber with diesel oil burner,sludge burner,and electric control panel.
B.flue gas fan
C.flue gas damper.   
D.sludge tank with circulating pump and heater.     
The Waste Incinerator HYINC-18 is equipped with single door in front,which are intended for loading Of solid waste and ash removing,the incinerator in stand-by mode(COM.tem.less than 220°C),the doors can be opened properly.if the incinerator is running in cooling down mode,the door can be opened till COM.tem.less than 100° C and incinerator fully stop.
The electrical control panel is installed on the incinerator and it contains fuses,starters,PLC and
Operator panel.the electric panel is built according to international standards for marine equipment.
The operator panel which is located at the right side of the control panel has a touch screen and
Defined keys for system starting/stopping and selecting burner modes.the burning process is controlled by the PLC and monitored by the HMI(human machine interface)and scanned by a photo resistor.the combustion chamber temperatures are also regulated automatically by the PLC control system.

Waste Incinerator Type
HY INC-18  
Waste Incinerator Capacity
180,000 kcal/h ( 208KW)
22.5 kg/h IMO sludge oil
14,4000Kcal/h solid waste

IMO sludge (20% water
IMO class 02 solid waste

Combustion chamber

Max.           1180 8C
Working        850-1150 8 C


Flue gas temperature

Max.            375 8C
Working         250-340 8 C


Surface temperature

Less than ambient temperature
+20 8 C , and less than 60°C


Electrical power



Negative pressure

5-35 mm WC

Negative pressure in
combustion chamber

Total weight

1500 kg


Outline dimension


See dimension drawing

Marine Equipment Electrical Power Consumption 7kw Waste Incinerator
Marine Equipment Electrical Power Consumption 7kw Waste Incinerator
Marine Equipment Electrical Power Consumption 7kw Waste Incinerator

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