Egg-laying additives

Carrots add 10%-20% carrots to layer chicken feed, which can increase egg production rate, prolong egg production period, and improve disease resistance of chickens. Jiji additives will stir the egg additives evenly into the feed at a ratio of 0.25%. Any chicken can freely feed, can increase egg production rate, enhance immunity and anti-stress pine needle powder in the feed plus 5% zeolite powder added 1% -3%, can increase the egg production rate, reduce feed consumption chili powder in the feed Add 1%-2%, can increase egg production rate, improve chicken feed intake and cold capacity Vitamin C per ton of feed by adding 100 grams of feather meal by adding 3%-5%, can increase egg production rate and prevent chicken plague Garlic seedlings were added with about 4% of chopped garlic gypsum powder and 2% of cod liver oil was added to each laying hen in the winter. One cod liver oil pill was chopped with 0.15% AI leaf added 1.5%-2% maifanite and 5%. Bentonite added 1.3% to China Agriculture Network Editor

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