Sweet Potato Food Processing Technology (9) Sweet Potato Tofu

Sweet potato tofu production method is divided into 3 steps:
1. Wash and soak soybeans in water for 15 hours (soaking time in winter is about 24 hours).
2. Add a small amount of water to the crusher while crushing the soaked soybeans into a slurry. Then add the agitated tank, filter the resulting bean juice to the residue, pour it into an iron pot and boil it, and keep the temperature at about 100 degrees Celsius.
3. About 700 g of paste-like sweet potato starch pulverized in advance with a pulverizer is mixed with 7 liters of soybean milk, stirred gently for 1 minute, and 50 g of a coagulant is added.
4. The protein of soybeans and sweet potatoes will gradually accumulate in agglomerate, place for a while, pour into the box with filter cloth, press out the water, remove the box, cut into pieces of appropriate size, and then cool to get sweet potato tofu.

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