Plastic Shed Mould Prevention and Control in Greenhouse

The leggy seedlings have fine stems, long internodes, thin leaves, and light colors. Mainly caused by the high temperature and humidity in the shed. Prevention measures: First, according to the temperature and humidity requirements of seedlings, timely ventilation; Second, to ensure that the cover is clean, increase the intensity of light and extend the lighting time; third is to prevent the seedlings are too crowded, to ensure that seedlings have adequate nutrition.

Aging seedlings are small, stem dwarf, and roots are aging. It is not easy to regenerate new roots. The leaves are small and thick, and the color is dark green. It is mainly related to the long time of seedlings. Prevention and control measures: Strictly control the seedling age, and the best temperature control is to control the water.

The roots of the roots of the roots of the roots were not or rarely new, and the roots of the roots became brown and rot gradually, causing the plants to turn yellow and wilt. Prevention measures: First, select a well-perfected land as a seedbed to increase the temperature; second, keep the seedbed temperature at 20°C~25°C during the day and 15°C at night.

After the seedlings of the seedlings are unearthed, the seed coats do not exfoliate the germinal leaves, making it difficult for the germinal leaves to open, affecting photosynthesis, and poor growth and development. Prevention and control measures: First, apply organic fertilizer and pouring foot-bottom water, cover soil properly after sowing; Second, timely cover insulation film and straw curtain.

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