Cotton "three points" increase efficiency

When farmers harvest cotton, they have to pick up, share, and sell them, which can increase profits. The cotton boll fibers of the fruit branch at the bottom of the cotton plant are thick and short, and the farmers call it the root flower or head spray. Because of its closeness to the ground, the boll is not easy to spit, and it is easy to be rot or stained with dirt. Therefore, there are more deadlocked and stained cotton. Dark and strong weak, poor quality; cotton bolls in the middle of the end of the cotton fiber quality, maturity of the best, said in the spray; cotton bolls on the top of the knot late, poor maturity, poor quality, cracking after frost The quality is lower. When different grades of flowers are mixed together and become mixed cotton after ginning, cotton spinning companies can only use high-grade cotton when they use it, and they can only bid at the lowest cotton grade when purchasing, which is much lower than the weighted average price of the graded harvest. Therefore, Farmers must divide, divide, and sell, so that they can obtain higher income and increase efficiency.

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