winter jasmine

(Hebi City, City Flower) Scientific name Jasminum nudiflorum The English name Winter Jasmine Alias ​​Yingchun, Jindaixi Branch of the genus Oleaceae deciduous shrubs. Old branches gray-brown, green twigs, four prisms. Leaves opposite, leaflets 3 simple leaves. Flowers are born in leaf axils, yellow, corolla 5-lobed, first leaves open, fragrant. Flowering February-April. Berries dark purple. The same species are available for viewing: 1. J. floridum: flowering in May. Leaves alternate. 2, Yunnan Huang Suxin (J.mesnyi): alias Yingchun, spring leaves. Evergreen rattan shrubs. Not cold, the North is hard to pot. 3, J. grandiflorum: Evergreen shrubs. The branches are weak and drooping. Leaves opposite, pinnately compound. Flowers white, aromatic. 4. J. grandiflorum: Evergreen shrub or vine. Not cold. Single leaves opposite. Flowers white, with single and double petals, fragrant. Flowering June - July. Native to East China and Central China, planted in gardens. Hi warm, slightly cold, drought, taboo, should be well drained, fertile soil. Sturdy and strong.

Accelerate Freeze Dried Fig is made of selected ripe figs. The international advanced ultra-low temperature FD technology is adopted to sublime the water content of fruit, without changing the fruit color, shape and flavor. Retaining the original nutritional and medicinal components, without any additive, pigment, sweetener or preservative, it is the best-quality dried fruit. Accelerate Dried Fig won the Silver Medal at the [2017 China Characteristic Tourist Commodity Contest", as well as the [Gold Medal" of [Lishang Weihai" Most Characteristic Tourist Commodity.

Freeze Dried Fig