Rare and fancy tangerine

The golden mangosteen is also called the golden boy orange, the orange, the golden pearl orange, the longevity orange, etc. It is a kind of wild growing orange tree. It is strong wild, strong resistance, can be no tillage, no fertilizer (also can be applied Fertilizer) is drought-tolerant and cold-resistant. Its curiosities are sowing in the year, cutting in that year, and grafting all the year. The result is that any tree species can hardly be compared. It grows fast, can produce bonsai, but also Potted plants are more suitable for planting in gardens, gardens, barren hills and sandy lands. They are a combination of afforestation, beautification, and medicinal health care. It is an evergreen tree species of the Rutaceae family. It is a lush, leafy, fruity, flowering period. 150 days, from May to September, flowering. Each leaf has two flowers blossoming. The flower color is white, the core is golden, and the aroma is as strong as jasmine. The oranges are pearls, and the inner cores of each orange are two, and the flowers, fruits, and nucleus all become Pairs are really rare and natural. After 10 months, the orange begins to be red (until next April), and the color is red. Even if the leaves fall off, it will not fall. The leaves are green, and each leaf has a long thorn. Thorn-tipped golden yellow. The mandarin orange has a wide adaptability. Generally, the soil can be planted. The soil is acidic and partial alkali can withstand. It is also suitable for growth on beaches and floodplains. The regeneration ability is strong. Beautiful tree shape, should be suitable for bonsai planting modeling. Orange fruit regardless of green and old leaves, daughter nuclei and flowers can be used as medicine, such as chest tightness, gas is not smooth, stomach is not comfortable, loss of appetite embolism, chewing a small tangerine (Spit) or half fresh orange leaves (dry product is invalid) can be effective, and can eliminate inflammation, sterilization, except bad breath, itching, cough and phlegm, thirst, pain, throat and so on, fruit, leaves (fresh leaves ) Palatability is good, can refresh the mind, refresh the spirit, feel comfortable, so its medicinal health care value, ornamental value is extremely high. When the mandarin orange red ripe golden time coincides with New Year's Day, during the Spring Festival, put a indoors Pots, festive air doubled.

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