Three Mistakes in Vehicle Maintenance

1, the tighter the bolt, the better

The bolt preload force depends on the gap requirements of the connector. If tightened too tightly, the fit clearance will not be guaranteed. If the pre-tightening force is too great, it may even cause slipping or breaking.

2, the tighter the transmission belt, the better

If the belt is adjusted too tightly, the belt will be easily deformed by stretching. At the same time, it will also accelerate the wear of the pulley and the bearing. The belt tension should generally be adjusted so that when the belt is pressed in the middle, the amount of sinking is preferably 3% to 5% of the center distance of the pulleys at both ends.

3, the more oil the better

If the oil is added too much, the working resistance of the crankshaft of the engine will increase, thus not only increasing the internal power loss of the engine, but also causing the failure of the burning oil, the blue smoke, etc. due to the increased oil splashed on the cylinder wall. As a result, the residual carbon in the combustion chamber increases, the engine temperature increases, and deflagration occurs in severe cases. Therefore, the amount of oil should be controlled between the upper and lower mark lines of the oil dipstick.

(Triangular leaf Coptis) Ranunculaceae, Coptis. Rhizome yellow, internodes obvious, mostly densely rooted, with transverse stolons. Leaves 3-11; leaf blade ovate, slightly leathery; petiole glabrous. Scapes yellow-green, narrowly ovate, apical apex; petals nearly lanceolate, apex acuminate, Middle slightly widened, with honey groove; stamens long only about 1/2 of the petals; anthers yellow, filaments narrowly linear; style slightly curved. Oval oblong, carpels stalked puberulent. March-April flowering, April-June results. Specialty Chongqing pillars yellow water. Health elevation of 1600-2200 meters between the mountain forest, often cultivated, wild rare. Rhizome is a famous traditional Chinese medicine ("Coptis"), with berberine, Coptidis base, Coptis base, tetrandrine and other alkaloids, can cure acute conjunctivitis, acute bacillary dysentery, acute gastroenteritis, hematemesis, Embolism.

Plant Triangular Leaves Coptis

Plant Triangular Leaves Coptis

Plant Triangular Leaves Coptis

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