Rotary cultivator adjustment and maintenance

1, the adjustment of the chain. Chain adjustment should pay attention to the looseness of the chain and the phenomenon of chain climbing, too tight will increase the wear and tear. When adjusting, pay attention to the force of the top tensioning slide rail should be within 5-10 kilograms, in order to be able to pressure the loose edge chain is appropriate, if the use of pressure does not move, then the chain is too tight.

2, the adjustment of the bearing clearance. There are two ways to adjust: First, increase or decrease the shims. For bearings with fixed inner ring and adjustable outer ring, the axial clearance can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the gasket at the bearing cover. Using this method to adjust the bearing clearance mainly include: 1 meter rotary cultivator first axis, 1.25-1.75 meter side rotation rotary cultivator on the first axis and the second axis of the cone bearing, intermediate transmission rotary cultivator cylindrical gear shaft and Knife shaft A tapered bearing at the spline shaft. After checking the adjusted bearing clearance, if there is no measuring instrument and special tool, the shaft can be turned by hand according to experience. There should be no obvious axial turbulence and rotation is flexible. If it is too tight and the rotation is difficult, the spacer should be added. Matsushita should remove the gasket. The second is the adjustment nut. All bearings that are fixed in the outer ring and adjustable in the inner ring can be used to adjust the axial clearance. Adopt this method to adjust mainly include: 1 meter of rotary cultivator middle gear box second shaft, 1.25-1.75 meter side drive rotary cultivator middle gear box on the third shaft cone bearing, middle gear transmission rotary cultivator gear box bevel gear Axle (first axis) bevel gear. The adjustment method is (take a 1 meter rotary cultivator as an example): First tighten the round nut of the big bevel gear end, lock the thrust washer, then tighten the other end of the round nut, and turn the bearing by hand until it cannot rely on the inertia force. Then turn, and then hit the shaft with a wooden hammer head, so that the bearing inside and outside the ring close, and then review the bearing preload situation, adjusted and locked with a locking nut.

3, the main working parts overhaul (1) machete. The blunt machete should be re-sharpened, the deformed machete must be cushioned, and then quenched (the handle part is not hardened). The hardened machete hardness should be HRC50-55. If it is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one. (2) Tool holder. The damage of the tool seat is mostly de-welding, cracking or hexagonal hole deformation. The partially damaged tool holder can be repaired by the welding rod, and the damaged one should be replaced. But when welding the tool holder, pay attention to the deformation of the tool shaft. (3) Axle shaft tube. Broken knife shaft tube can put a piece of round steel with good weldability in the tube at the fracture. After welding, artificial aging and straightening should be performed. Then check the bearing shields at both ends. If the overshoot is too large, replace the end with no spline. The shaft head should be based on the original spline end diameter as the basis for processing the new shaft head to ensure that the knife shaft rotation and balance.

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