How to make papaya jellyfish results

In order to make the results of papaya jellyfish, the following work should be done:

1 moisture management. In management, we must master the principle of "do not do it, do it with pouring".

2 Reasonable fertilization. It is best to exchange the pots once a year in the spring, and some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers (hoof feet, pig hairs, etc.) should be added to the pots and soils to promote the development of robust branches.

3 The relationship between the amount of flowering and the size of the results should be adjusted well. As a result of excessive flowering, excessive consumption of nutrients is caused and young fruits that have already formed fall due to insufficient nutrition.

Therefore, after flowering every year, the flowers should be thinned in time to control the amount of flowers within a certain range, so that plump flowers bear huge fruits.

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