Apple leaves yellow, shedding summer tube must keep up

The first is to quickly supplement nutrition and increase the tree potential. “People are iron, rice is steel, and people don’t eat and feel panic”. In the summer when fruit trees came into being, the nutrients stored in the previous year were basically consumed due to flowering, fruit setting, and long branches and leaves. In addition, rapid growth of spring shoots also required nutrients. . If the nutrition of the fruit tree cannot be supplied in time, it will soon lead to the decline of the tree, resulting in fruit drop, loss of leaf yellow, and resistance to disease. Therefore, two measures must be taken: (1) Fertilization under trees, generally quick-acting compound fertilizers are preferred, and top-dressing is carried out according to the age of the tree and the number of fruit-bearing fruits. ) Foliar spray fertilizer, under normal circumstances, extra-root fertilizer is five times the root efficiency of fertilizer, cost is small, high efficiency, simple method, does not cause pollution to the ecological environment. Every 10-15 days, before and after 4 o'clock in the morning, the use of 400-600 times of the fruit-friends amino acids + Stadkoop and Shuofeng 481 will be sprayed several times in order to promote the thick and green leaves. Strong, fruit increased.

The second is to increase photosynthesis and promote flower bud differentiation. The apple tree has adaptability to good long-day sunlight, and only in the case of good photosynthesis can promote organic synthesis and increase the accumulation of nutrients. The canopy was closed, especially in the fruit trees where the shoots moved outwards and were strong and weak, and the leaf curtain layer was too thick, which reduced the effective coefficient of the tree crown and decreased the index of the leaves. The relative light intensity at the top of the canopy is 90%, the depth within the crown is 1 meter, and the light intensity is reduced to 60%. Within a depth of 1.5 meters, it reaches the critical line of photosynthesis, which is 30%, and then within 2.5 meters deep. A light intensity of 20% is an invalid area. Therefore, flower bud formation generally requires a light intensity of 40% or more. At the same time, in addition to a high nutrient concentration, a certain number of wavelengths are required, which is a short-wavelength light of 300 mm to promote ethylene synthesis and sugar movement. Therefore, for closed fruit trees, thin and thin branches between branches, front-end competing branches, leggy branches with shading on the back, and fruitless multi-turning branches should be removed to open the light path, concentrate nutrition, reduce consumption, and spray leaf fertilizer ( Shuofeng 481 or potassium dihydrogen phosphate) to promote flower bud differentiation and fruit enlargement.

The third is to strengthen the prevention and control of pests and diseases. To promote the quality of high-yield apple bagging in summer, people on the fruit tree pest treatment and relaxation. Substantially high temperatures and high humidity in the summer can easily induce early defoliation, spider mites, leaf roller moths, and leaf leaf moths. In recent years, early defoliation has occurred in some areas and has caused serious economic losses to the fruit farmers. About 95% of the dry matter required for fruit tree growth and flowering results from the photosynthate of the fruit tree leaves. After the fruit trees were infected with pests and diseases, they caused early defoliation and lost their sources of assimilation and nutrients. The trees were greatly weakened. The output of the trees was reduced and the flower bud formation was poor in the following year. One year of defoliation results in two years of lost production. The pathogens of early deciduous trees are mainly the deciduous bacterium and spotted bacterium. The defoliation is the most serious with brown spot disease. Once the lesions appear in the leaves, the prevention and treatment will be difficult. The occurrence of early defoliation is related to the closed ventilation and poor light of the tree, high temperature, high humidity, and debilitating tree vigor. Brown spot must be sprayed with a protective bactericide before the onset of disease, ie before mid-late June. 1000-1200 times, or 5000-000 times of Jin Luxi, or 400 times of Zhang Litong 3000 times ten friends of Amino Acid, or 60 times of Shidekepu Mixture, to exert the double effect effect of medicinal fertilizer and control the spread of disease development. To keep the leaves high quality and robust, improve photosynthetic products, achieve fruit quality and yield.

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