Cotton Blindness Prevention Measures

1. Insect is an enemy situation. After inspection during the day, if the cotton moth has invaded the cotton field, it must be sprayed after 5-6 o'clock in the afternoon. It is not necessary to count the number of insects or the rate of damaged plants. The damage point is the focus of spraying. On cloudy days, medication can be given throughout the day.

2. The spraying method is sprayed from the top to the bottom to protect the growth points of the cotton plants. If the leaves have emerged, the growth points of the leaf shoots must also be sprayed.

3. In the early morning of the spraying, the front and back of the cotton tip and cotton tip were carefully inspected again. In the morning, the cotton budworm was more active on the top of the cotton plant. The action was slower and it was easy to find. If the drug was found to be blind In the event of an embarrassment, it is necessary to continue the spraying the next night. It is imperative that the invading cottonseed should be allowed to leave the ground and the females should not lay eggs. This prevention and control is very important. If no blind locust was found after the inspection, it proved to be very effective and there is no need to fight drugs one after another.

4. If there is no damaged cotton plant after the inspection, make sure that it has not been invaded yet. Do not rush to spray the medicine. Be sure to capture the most favorable period of use.

5. After the first round of drug use, after the invading cotton aphid has disappeared, the cotton field should be inspected every morning in the morning. The focus is still on the tender tips and tender leaves. If new symptoms are found, it indicates that there are new cotton blinds. In case of invasion, the second prevention and control should be carried out immediately. From June 10th onwards, it was rare for the first generation of green-lipped adult insects to invade. Compared with other generations, the first generation of green-lipped adult insects invaded cotton fields, which was the shortest and most concentrated generation. It is not difficult to prevent them as long as they adhere to the observation and investigation.

6. If you check the cotton field is not careful, the dark spots on the black spots on the young leaves did not find, see the broken leaves at the beginning, it shows that the discovery is late, this time the cotton plant has already eggs of the green-lipped carp, will be hatched one after another , will lead to a comprehensive pest control passive. In addition to the treatment of cotton blind lice, there is a saying that "black cure is not broken," meaning that the period when black leaves appear in the young leaves is the best period for the use of drugs.

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