Summer corn seedling period should pay attention to pest control

In recent years, with the popularization of wheat harvesting operations, there are many ground coverings such as wheat stubble, wheat straw, and wheat stubble in the summer corn field, which provide favorable conditions for the occurrence of various pests and tends to cause heavy pests. Pest harm not only causes the lack of corn leaves, but also easily spreads the virus, causing disease epidemics, and even causing the lack of seedlings and ridges. Therefore, summer sowing maize must pay attention to pest control.

Pest control

The seedling pests of summer sowing maize mainly include thrips, aphids, wheat fly, lamp moth, planthopper, red spider, armyworm, cotton bollworm and golden needle. For ground pests such as golden worms, they can be treated with 1000 ml of irrigating agent or phoxim per acre when watering. For pests such as thrips, moths, wheat fly, corn borer, cotton bollworm, armyworm, aphid, etc., can use 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 20g or bifenthrin 30ml water 30-40kg evenly per acre Spray control. For spider mites, when the rate of infected insects reached 5%, they were sprayed with 15% broomstick net emulsion 1500-2000 times liquid or 20% eradication emulsion 2000 times liquid spray.

Disease prevention

The main diseases of summer corn seedlings are bacterial wilt, rough dwarf disease and dwarf mosaic disease.

Bacterial wilt: Severe incidence in the case of consecutive cornfields and high humidity and sudden rain after rain. At the early stage of disease, the leaves were gray-green, gradually wilted and yellowed, and the roots and bases of the stems were water-stained and then browned and rotted. Control methods: In the early stage of onset, use a mixed spray of Rhizoctonia and Tianfengsu at noon on sunny days, and then spray it once every 3 to 5 days.

Rough disease: mainly caused by poisoning of Laodelphax striatellus. In the 4 to 5 leaves of the corn, there are white waxy protrusions of different lengths on the back of the leaves. The leaves are stiff, wide, short, and thick, with dark green color. The upper internode shortens and the top leaves cluster. Control methods: When the seedlings were removed, the diseased plants were removed; attention was paid to the prevention and control of Laodelphax striatellus. Before and after the emergence of corn, spraying with 50% carbendazim 800 times for 1 or 2 times was used for prevention.

Dwarf mosaic disease: Maize dwarf mosaic disease is mainly transmitted by locusts or infected by wounds. There are spots of green spots between the veins at the base of the heart of the diseased plant, and then gradually develop along the veins into a dotted line, extending to the tip of the leaf. The leaf veins gradually lose their green and turn yellow, and the veins on both sides are still green, forming a green stripe. And dry. Control methods: pay attention to prevention and control of aphids; remove diseased plants in the field, mix and spray with vegetation disease and foliar nutrient fertilizer; use omethoate, dichlorvos, and water to form a 1:1:2000 solution for prevention and treatment, especially in 3 leaves and 5 When the leaf and the 7th leaf were each controlled, the effect was better.

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