Jujube five-word winter cut

Sparsely remove branches from the base. The main objects of thinning are cross-branches, overlap-branches, and shoots and weakly drooping branches. These branches disturb the tree shape, cause guilt disturbance, poor ventilation and light transmission, and consume nutrients, affecting fruit yield and quality.

Also known as blocking. That is to say, the jujube extension branch only cuts one shear, and the auxiliary branch firstly cuts back and cuts, promoting the result; the second branch of the backbone that is uniaxially extended after successive years is thin and can be appropriately shortened to promote renewal and rejuvenation.

Retraction is shrinking. On the jujube branch of the jujube tree, the top buds of the jujube head germinate continuously. After a few years of growth, the lower part shows the phenomenon of light legs, which forms strong and weak, and it is necessary to adopt a method of retreating year after year to promote branching and increase tree vigor. Pendulous branches can be retracted to strong buds.

Put on the branches slowly and not cut them. In winter, the extension branches of the stem should be preserved, increasing the area of ​​the result. If the park has created a phenomenon that can lead to the elimination of excess branches, the jujube head has been severely weakened and can retract and rejuvenate.

Pull pull branches. When jujube trees are cut in winter, they can be combined with pull branches. For the relaxation of tree vigor, correction of canopy disorders, biased crowns, missing branches and other phenomena have a good adjustment effect. When you need to pull a branch, you can pull it to an appropriate angle.

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