After the rainstorm, the farm must guard against two diseases

Swine influenza is not H1N1 flu but an acute highly contagious disease caused by swine influenza A virus. Sudden onset of pigs, rapid transmission, aggressiveness, hordes, high incidence, low mortality, high fever, and upper respiratory tract inflammation are the main features.
The epidemic features have obvious seasons, especially when wet and rainy.
Pigs of all ages, sexes and breeds can be infected.
It is often epidemic or pandemic.
It spreads rapidly and can affect the entire population within 2 days to 3 days.
It is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract through droplets.
Poor feeding and management, over-long-distance transportation, overcrowding, and so on, all contribute to the onset of the disease.
Symptoms have a short incubation period, ranging from hours to days, with an average of 4 days. Sudden onset, body temperature rises to 40°C to 41.5°C, and the spirit is depressed, loss of appetite or not eating, and the entire herd rapidly infects. Muscular pain, reluctance to stand, rapid breathing, coughing, and sticky fluid from the eyes and nose. If there is no secondary disease, it can often heal itself in a week or so.
Prevention Once the disease occurs, the affected pigs should be treated immediately on the site.
Contaminated sheds, utensils, and troughs contaminated by infected pigs were thoroughly disinfected with strong disinfectant and disinfectant drugs.
Avoid crowding of pigs, keep warm and keep warm, keep pigsty clean and dry.
Strengthen feeding and management, regular deworming.
Treatment with 30% analgin injection 5 ml ~ 10 ml, or Banlangen injection 5 ml ~ 10 ml, intramuscular injection, 2 times a day, once every 2 days to 4 days. In order to control the secondary infection, 20 grams of each of Bupleurum, mint and dried tangerine peel can be used, and 15 grams of chrysanthemums, earthworms, and perilla can be used together to decoct a total of water for one serving a day and one to two doses.
At the same time as nursing care, it is also necessary to strengthen feeding and management, feed digestible feeds, and in particular feed more green feed to supplement vitamins and smooth the stool. In the first days of rehabilitation, diets should be controlled and gradually increased to avoid injury. Some sick pigs can be cured without even medical treatment under good conditions.
Epidemic diarrhea prevention and control measures: Grab the sow, improve the sow's health level, and improve the quality of breast milk: Yinqiaosan 1kg + Mullin 150g + Oleg 1kg + Moweixin enhance the specific immunity of the sow : 1 Three-needle health care: Use Longmi first, and then 0.2 ml each in 3 days, 7 days and 21 days. 2 Increase the temperature inside the house, maintain good hygiene, and enhance ventilation. 3 before and after weaning feed health care drugs.
Option a: Mullite 125 g + Neuwift 500 g + 500 g Aulek.
Option b: Changxinwei 500g + Mowexin 500g + Oleic can occur when diarrhea: Supplementary body fluids, drug treatment.
Add body fluids, supply rehydration salts + electrolyzed multi-dimensional water solution, and drink plenty of water. The specific method is: 3.5 grams of sodium chloride + 1.5 grams of potassium chloride + sodium bicarbonate 2.5 grams + 20 grams of glucose + 1 multi-vitamin, add 1 kilogram of cold water and mix.
Plan a: Force God 0.10 ml to 0.15 ml per kilogram of body weight + Au Fuxin 2.5 mg per kilogram of body weight, intramuscularly.
Option b: Force God 0.10 ml to 0.15 ml per kilogram of body weight + 5 ml to 10 ml per head, respectively, intramuscularly.

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