Lion Head Goose Rearing

Lion-headed goose is one of the largest meat-type goose breeds at home and abroad. It is native to Xilou Village, Dongrao County, Guangxi and Guangdong, China. Its body is huge, its head is deep and wide, and there are larger sarcomas on the front and face. The front view is like a lion, so it is called "Lionhead Goose." The goose is resistant to rough feeding, has a large amount of food and grows fast. It has a body weight of 7-7 days weighing 5-7 kg, an adult goose weight of 12-17 kg, and a goose weight of 9-13 kg. The production age is 210-240 days. 25-35 egg-laying eggs weighing about 200 grams. The breeding technology is introduced as follows:

First, the choice of goslings

The yolk and umbilical cords of the hatchy and robust goslings are well absorbed. After hair shafts stand firm and lively, the eyes are powerful, the reaction is sensitive, the sound is powerful, and the coat is bright. When the neck is lifted by hand, the feet quickly shrink. , On the abdomen larger, blood umbilical, blinking and other weak young to be eliminated in time.

Second, feeding and management of goslings

1. It is advisable to open the mouth within 24 to 36 hours after the hatchlings and the start of eating goslings. Drinking water before eating is called “tidal mouth”. "Chaokou" water should be clean and add 0.1% potassium permanganate to prevent intestinal diseases. After the "tidal mouth" can be fed, the first feeding is called "open food." Generally steamed with millet, mature, and then with the right amount of filaments of the cabbage leaves or young grass, sprinkled on plastic sheeting to induce goslings goslings, over 2-3 days and then use the same method to teach, after a few times after the goose Will automatically eat, the first 3 days is mainly rice, after gradually mixed with feed, 1 week after feeding the full price of feed, its formula: corn powder 48%, 20% bean, Porcelain wheat bran 12%, broken rice 10%, Hay powder 3%, fish meal 5%, bone shell powder 0.2%, salt 0.3%, trace elements 0.25%, multi-dimensional 0.5%, sand 0.5%. The proportion of fine material and green material is 1:2 in the 10 days before brooding, and 1:40 after 10 days. Feed 4-5 times a day 1-3 times, feeding 2 times at night, goslings 5-10 days, digestive ability gradually increased, can increase the number of feeding, feeding 6 times a day, feeding 2 times at night, each feeding eight Suffice, after the age of growth and grazing conditions, the proportion of fine material and green material and feeding times can be properly adjusted.

2. The optimum growth temperature of goslings for goslings is 26-28°C at 1-5 days, 23-25°C at 6-10 days, 21-23°C at 12-15 days, and 16-20 days. 19-21°C, 18°C ​​after 22 days of age.

3. Breeding density: 1-5 days old 25/m2, 6-10 days old 20/m2, 11-15 days old 15/m2, 16-20 days old 12/m2, 21st Aged 8-10/m2, 22 days old and 8/m2.

Third, feeding and management of adult geese

1. Grazing Feeding Adult geese have fast growth and development, strong appetite, strong adaptability, resistance to roughage, feeding mainly to green feed or grazing, and depending on grazing land or green feed conditions, they are properly fed with mixed feed. The feed formula can refer to the formula of goslings. With flexible application adjustment, each goose geese eats about 2-25 kg of green material per day. According to the conditions of breeding geese and fattening geese, they are fed 300-400 grams of mixed concentrate, and 30-50 days of geese are fed 4-6 per day and night. Times. At the age of 51-80 days, feed 3-4 times per day and night.

2. Grazing gregarious geese should be divided into groups of 40-60, and the geese will be rushed to the grazing land and walk slowly. They cannot be gathered into heaps, sun exposure or rain forests.

3. Exercise For geese feeding, exercise properly every day to increase physical fitness and disease resistance. If water conditions occur, water can be applied 1-2 times a day.

4. Cleaning and sanitation should be done to clean and disinfect appliances and keep them dry and clean.

Fourth, prevent disease

1. Goslings have 5-20 days old goslings. Control methods: goslings were injected subcutaneously with gossypium sera serum 0.5 ml/only before the start of eating, and adult geese were injected with 0.8 ml/only.

2. Daylight sickness can occur throughout the entire period. With 0.2%-0.4% Dietrich powder feed mixed feed 5-7 days, usually prevent 0.3% oxytetracycline powder can be added to the feed, once every 2 days, once a day. Persist in geese and the environment regularly with 2% fire alkali disinfection.

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