Simple flower removal method

There are many kinds of pests that occur in flowers. Some pesticides can prevent and cure flower pests to achieve better results. The method is simple and convenient, and it saves money.
1. Tobacco: It has stomach poison, contact and fumigation. Due to its strong penetrating power, it can cause death from poisoning by nerve palsy. Usage is the use of tobacco stems or the remaining cigarette butts (remove the filter), add water 50 to 60 times, soak a day and night, filtered and sprayed to prevent aphids, red spiders and newly hatched scale insects.
2. Wind spirits: The wind oil essence will be diluted 600-800 times to control aphids, scale insects, moths and butterfly larvae; 400-600 times liquid wind spirits can prevent red spiders.
3. Mosquito-repellent incense: The ignited mosquito coil is hung on a flower plant and sealed with a plastic film and smoked for about 10 minutes to kill the whitefly insect pests.
4, soapy water: Take general soapy water or use the rest of the soap pieces, with hot water to open, add water at a ratio of 1:60, spray after cooling, can control locusts, spider mites. If soaked in soapy water (to remove soot), in addition to improving the control of aphids and spider mites, it can also be used to treat both thrips, whiteflies, and leafhoppers. However, soap water can not be used for a long time, otherwise it will cause alkalization of pottery.
5, detergent: a strong contact with the pest. The washing powder solution can dissolve the waxy layer on the surface of insect pests and infiltrate the insect body, blocking the pores of the insect's body surface and causing it to suffocate. Usage is: 200 to 300 times the liquid can prevent leafhoppers. 600 to 800 times can control spider mites, aphids, and dimorphs. Should use detergent detergent.
6, garlic liquid: take garlic 0.5 kg, mash into a fine garlic, add 12 kg of water, stir into a slurry, soaked filtered and sprayed on the surface of the surface of the pot or earth, can prevent ants or cockroaches.
7. Welsh onion: Weigh 1 kg of green onion leaves, dry into powder and add 7.5 kg of water. Soak after filtration and spray to prevent aphids and snails.

8, onion liquid: take round onion 20 grams, mash into a fine mud, add 1000 ml of water soaked for 24 hours after the filter spray, can prevent spider mites, aphids.
9, pepper water: Take 100 grams of pepper 3 kg of water boiled, sprayed after cooling can prevent scale insects.
10, vinegar: The bottle of vinegar to 5 to 6 times the water spray, spray once every 3 days, can prevent scale insects.

Dried Chilli

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