Research says that heartbeat is expected to become a heart rate regulator power source

Future heart rate regulators and cardioverter defibrillators may have another surprising source of power through the heartbeat itself. According to Taiwan’s “China Times” on the 11th, citing foreign reports, a British research team said that using heartbeat micro-power generation, their experiments can produce 17% of the required electricity, providing a rhythm regulator.
Roberts, a scholar at the University of Southamp, said in a statement: "This is a proof-of-concept study, and we propose concepts." They point out that this means that the next-generation rhythm regulator can integrate this technology into a A long-lasting instrument with additional features to manage the heart.
“The extra energy gained can make a major difference for heart rhythm regulators and cardioverter defibrillators because engineers have more energy to use.”
The heart rhythm regulator provides a heart electric pulse to speed up or slow the heartbeat rhythm, and the implantable cardioverter defibrillator will indicate that the heart is adjusted to normal frequency if it is jumping too fast or too slow.
The technology used in this life-saving instrument is becoming more and more sophisticated. However, the instrument is small in size. To provide more functions and more kinetic energy, only increase the battery size.
The researchers pointed out that it would be necessary to increase the size of the instrument implanted under the skin at the same time, which would make the patient feel uncomfortable and cause the appearance of the protrusion to be unsightly.

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