A new type of feed - cow dung

The analysis showed that the crude protein content of cow dung was equivalent to the crude protein content of wheat bran, and the metabolizable energy level was close to the flax cake. The content of calcium and phosphorus was higher than that of alfalfa hay, but the crude fiber content was too high. The cow dung was treated with certain amounts, and 10% and 15% of the dry matter of cow dung was added to the diet. The feeding trials of 3 groups of 30 finishing fattening pigs showed that in the 30-day fattening period, the control group The average weight gain of pigs was 12.33 kilograms, the average weight gain of 11.2 kilograms of the group added with 10% cow manure, and the average weight gain of 10.96 kilograms of the group added with 15% cow manure, combined with the analysis of the overall economic benefits of artificial and feed expenses, etc. The actual individual value increments of the three groups of pigs were 37.59 yuan, 40.64 yuan and 30.83 yuan, respectively, and the group adding 10% cow dung recycled material had the best benefit. Therefore, it can be affirmed that adding 10% of cow dung to the diet of grow-finishing pigs will not affect the normal feeding of pigs, and it will not affect the weight gain. Therefore, the breeders can obtain better economic benefits. The processing technology of cow dung is relatively simple. Here are three kinds of processing methods suitable for farmers:
Method one: Add formaldehyde solution (containing 38% to 40% of formaldehyde) in 0.5% of dry matter in fresh cow dung. Mix well and place it for 4~6 hours. If the dry matter content of fresh cow dung is calculated as 23%, 115 g of formaldehyde solution per 100 kg of fresh cow dung is required. .
Method 2: Prepare a fermentation tank, put fresh cow dung into the tank and add 10% to 20% of energy content of fresh cow dung, such as wheat bran, corn flour, and molasses. Dilute with water to a thick paste and seal it according to weather conditions. 2 to 5 days of fermentation can be opened for feeding.
Method 3: After being processed into a sticky paste by the second processing method, it is treated as early soaking and late feeding and late soaking. It can be used for feeding animals on the same day, but it needs to be given to the pig every 10 to 15 days. 1 time.
Cattle manure regenerative materials can be used as part of the growth and fattening substitute feed, but also as a feed for empty sows, the amount of pigs in the diet is 10% to 15%. At the same time, cow dung recycled material can also replace roughage in ruminant diets such as cattle and sheep.

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