Fermentation of distillers' grains for feed

The fermented distillers' grains are used as fodder straw feed fermenters. They are integrated with the use of international high-end microbiological engineering technology, such as the United States, Japan and South Korea. They combine their own intellectual property rights and patented technologies, and are developed through a series of high-tech techniques such as separation, purification and rejuvenation. The latest generation of feed starter. This product is a good (consumption) oxygen-type starter, fast fermentation, simple operation, without the need for accessories can be a variety of crop straw, forage, leaf shoots fermentation into high-quality feed, fermentation feed was wine aroma, palatability Well, the nutrient composition is greatly increased, and there is no residue of chemical pollution, which can speed up the growth of livestock and poultry. This is a good helper for farmers to reduce costs and increase efficiency and increase economic efficiency. CCTV and a number of newspapers and periodicals online media have repeatedly reported on related technical products and received wide acclaim. It is suitable for making feedstuff with straw, peanut shell, lees, bean dregs, etc. as the main raw material. The types of distillers grains are brewer's grains, distiller's grains, rice distiller's grains (distillers' grains with distillers' grains), distiller's grains, etc. Distillers grains generally contain side effects of excessive alcohol and related rancid materials. Distillers grains are characterized by low levels of nitrogen-free extracts. The quality of the protein is poor, and the nutrients such as carotene, vitamin D and calcium needed for pig growth and development are lacking. The protein content varies according to the type of distillers' grains, ranging from 8 to 25%. The brewer's grains have the highest nutritional value in various types of distiller's grains. In fact, the brewer's grains are malt mash after the malt process, and have not undergone the wine fermentation process, so the nutrient retention therein is the best, and the crude protein content reaches about 25%. Distillers grains and straw powder can be mixed in a ratio of 3:7, 4:6, and 5:5.

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