Pre-harvest vegetable "three notes"

First, pay attention to reasonable fertilization. Whether it is leaf vegetables or fruit vegetables, do not apply raw water within 30 days before harvesting. For long-term use of chemical fertilizers, especially single-use nitrogen fertilizers, the ammonium ions in the nitrogen fertilizers are easily converted into nitrate ions after they are exposed to air. After the roots or leaves are absorbed, the nitrates and nitrites in the vegetables will accumulate and pollute the environment. Affect human health. At the same time, foliar application of nitrogen fertilizer solution will significantly reduce the quality of vegetables and are not resistant to storage, so do not spray nitrogen fertilizer within 30 days before vegetable harvest.

Second, pay attention to the timely application of growth regulators. Plant growth regulators can improve the photosynthesis efficiency of vegetable crops to a certain extent, so as to achieve the purpose of early maturity, high yield, high quality, and high efficiency. Such as: garlic, onion spraying 2500 mg / kg of "green fresh prime" two weeks before harvest, can effectively prevent germination during storage; during the elongation of lettuce with 400-800 mg / kg of "longer than" spraying Plants 2-3 times, can significantly inhibit twitching, increase stem thickness, increase commodity value; tomatoes in the fruit before the color, with 500-1000 mg / kg ethephon solution sprayed plants, can be 5-6 days earlier red mature; Watermelon sprayed 300-500 mg/kg ethephon solution before the fruit is large and unripe, so that the fruit can mature 5-7 days earlier. The use of plant growth regulators is dominated by foliar sprays, with oils being the best, lower concentrations of growth regulators promoting stem and shoot growth and fruit development, while high concentrations can cause growth stagnation. Premature aging. Therefore, the use in the summer is generally selected to be performed in the evening on a sunny day, to avoid spraying under the hot sun.

Third, pay attention to the correct use of pesticides. There are many kinds of pesticides used in vegetable production, and the safety intervals are different. For example, the safe period after the dimethoate spray is 10-15 days, and the safety period after the insecticide spray is 7-8 days. In the production process, high-efficiency, low-toxicity, low-residue, and highly safe pharmaceuticals should be selected. Before the vegetable is harvested and marketed, it is strictly prohibited to use highly toxic and high-residue pesticides to avoid food poisoning.

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