Induction 5

Category: Soybean Variety Name: Huatui No.5 Approved Code: No. 2005001 No. of cultivars Origin: Shijiazhuang Institute of Agricultural Modernization, Shijiazhuang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Ethyl Methanesulfonate-Pingyangmycin Compound Treatment Mutagenesis
Characteristics: The plant type is compact, the plant height is about 89.8cm, and the growth period is about 109 days. The height of the bottom ridge is about 17.5cm, the number of main stem sections is about 16.6, and the number of effective branches is about 0.29, which is a sub-contracted habit, with about 2.3 grains per pod and about 27.2g per 100 grains. Elliptic leaves, white flowers, brown hairs, and brown palms. Seed coat yellow, oval, yellow umbilical. The results of the Hebei Province Crop Variety Quality Testing Center in 2004 showed that the crude protein content was 43.86% and the crude fat content was 19.63%.
Yield performance: Summer sowing regional test results in the summer of 2003, the average yield of 196.0kg; the same group of regional test results in 2004, the average yield of 201.2kg per mu; 2004 production test results of the same group, the average yield of 196.8kg per mu.
Cultivation points: sowing before June 15, sowing depth 2.5-3.0cm, sowing 6kg/mu. After sowing, it will be watered according to soil moisture. Early seedlings, Dingmiao, Liumiao 18 thousand / mu or so. Strengthen field management, 4-5 pieces of true leaves, topdressing Miao Fei, topdressing urea 5kg/mu. Mid-term re-application of flower fertilizer, promote flower knots. Drilling period guarantees sufficient water supply and guarantees drumming. Pay attention to pest control.
Planting area: Suitable for planting in the mid-south summer soybean area of ​​Hebei Province.

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Chinese Medicinal Herbs Leaf

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