Horse orange features

In the summer and autumn, the horse orange is in the period of fruit enlargement, which requires fertilizer and a large amount of water, and it is also the peak period of occurrence of pests and diseases of the horses and oranges. Therefore, we must pay attention to strengthening the management of the Orange Garden in summer. The specific measures are as follows:
1, due to tree fertilization. During the expansion of the fruit of Ma Shuiguo, the roots had strong absorption of fertility. After the first physiological fruit drop, the adult tree resulted in more fruit set and the general situation would not lead to early summer shoots. The green fruit growth process needs to consume a large amount of nutrients. In order to speed up the green growth of the young fruit, appropriate NPK balance (or slightly higher nitrogen content) of the full-price compound fertilizer should be applied according to the tree potential. The surface was sprayed with a mixture of potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.3%, urea 0.4% and borax 0.1%. The interval was 10 days. Spraying hormones at high temperature and drought can also promote root cell division and increase absorption capacity, which has a certain effect on preventing fruit drop. When it is found that there is a deficiency in new leaves, it should be sprayed in a timely manner.
2, reasonable water supply. The orchards in the mountains must be renovated and the drainage systems should be cleaned and reinforced to prevent heavy rainfall and soil erosion. At the same time, we must do a good job of drought relief and prevent temperature drop. When water temperature exceeds 35°C, the photosynthesis will be weakened and the physiological function will be hindered. Therefore, when the high temperature comes, it is found that the horses and oranges begin to curl, and it is necessary to divert water into the orchard in time to adjust the temperature and humidify the water; conditional sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation can be used to increase the air humidity and the soil moisture, to carry out cultivating loose soil and cut off the soil capillary. Improve the ability to retain water and fertility, improve the orchard's microclimate, reduce fruit drop, and promote strong results. Summer typhoons are relatively frequent, and typhoon storms often come together. After the typhoon storm, continuous high-temperature weather occurs, and the wet and dry weather occurs. Therefore, we should try our best to keep the soil moist and loose and reduce the evaporation of soil moisture. The tree trays cover rice straw or weeds to reduce direct sunlight and water evaporation, reduce surface soil temperature, protect the root groups, enhance root activity, and reduce fruit drop. When it does not rain for 10 days, it is necessary to timely fill the water to meet the fruit's rapid increase in the need for water.
3, hormone protection fruit. After the first physiological fruit drop of horse orange, spray gibberellic acid 50PPM with a mixture of potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.3%, urea 0.4%, and borax 0.1% to supplement the nutrition and raise the hormone level. After 10 days, spraying again, can significantly control Physiological fruit drop moderate, increase fruit setting rate.
4, control summer shoots. Ma Shuishu early fruit tree (or strong tree) due to strong nutrient growth, coupled with the strong edge of the top, the general situation of the top tip into a small flower or even no flowers, and flower Shao Shaowang is more difficult to set fruit, easily lead to a large number of fruit but not the top Early summer shoots were extracted, which in turn led to aggravation of the second physiological fruit drop. In order to avoid this situation, it should be circumcised again depending on the tree potential to control vegetative growth. On the top of the flowerless fruitless trees, it is best to cut off the middle of the autumn shoots at the early summer shoot length of 3- 5 cm, which can delay the tree shape too high, and secondly, it can greatly reduce the work load of the trowel tip.
5, prevent pests and diseases. Ma Shui orange fruit enlargement, susceptible to fruit beetle harm, often resulting in a large number of fruit drop; occurrence of rust spider, will cause serious defoliation, fruit purple brown; red spider will make tree growth and atrophy, deciduous dead branches, leaves turn white gray; Leafminers harm the shoots, and the larvae feed under the epidermis of young leaves, which can cause severe leaf curling and affect growth. In the case of rust spiders, 80% dexamethasone 600 times, or diclofen 500 times or other acaricides can be used to spray; red spiders can be sprayed with 1,000 times dimethoate or dichlorvos; when leaf miners occur, they can be used 50% dichlorvos 800 times or 90% trichlorfon 1000 times with 0:2 degrees lime sulfur spraying control. Before and after August is the peak period of fruit sucking moth, it should be controlled in time before and after its occurrence, timely removal of weeds inside or outside the orchard, artificial killing adults in the hot night, the effect is also very good. Diseases include canker, scab, and anthrax, and should be prevented. If a disease occurs, 1:1 100 Bordeaux mixture, 50% carbendazim 800X, or thiophanate-methyl 800X can be used. Or 50% tumefa 600 times spray control, the effect is also very significant.
6, put autumn shoots at the right time. The autumn shoots that were drawn from mid-August to late August are good results and are the basis for the next year's production. Therefore, in the middle and early July, the shooter fertilizer should be applied, and the shooter should be released in mid-August. The splattered autumn shoots should be wiped out before tipping out, and it is best to wipe it 2 - 3 times until 70% - 80% of the trees in the park are thrown together. When the new shoot grows to about 20-25 centimeters, leave 6-8 leaves topping to control growth and promote the autumn shoots. Cut too many branches, leaving 2-3 shoots for each base. Autumn shoots should not be too late, because too late late autumn shoots are weak and weak, generally not mature, susceptible to cold damage, and consumption of nutrients in the growth process, so the late autumn shoots should be promptly erased.


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