How to make peat nutrition?

With the use of nutritional seedlings, the survival rate after transplanting is high. Low-level peat with a moderate degree of decomposition is the material used to make nutrients. Because it has proper adhesiveness and looseness, it retains water and nutrients, ventilation and water permeability, and facilitates root development. Since peat contains few available nutrients, appropriate amounts of decomposed manure and chemical fertilizers should be added according to the requirements of various seedlings, and if necessary, a small amount of plant ash or lime and its stack should be added to adjust the pH. Then mix it with other fertilizers, add the appropriate amount of water, and knead it into groups in a hand. Without water, drop it to the ground, then you can press into different specifications of the nutrition bowl, or put it into a certain size of paper bag. to make. Examples of material cooperation are as follows:
Peat (air-dried, crushed) 60 to 80%
Decomposed human urine 10-20%
Fatty soil (crush) 10 to 20%
Superphosphate 0.1-0.4%
Ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulfate 0.1-0.2%
Plant ash (or lime) 2% (or 1%)
If the nutrition is too tight, you can add a small amount of sand or sawdust regulation; general nutrient pH should be close to neutral, such as PH less than 6, should be added to the regulation of ash or lime.

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