Potato seed potato bag storage technology

Heilongjiang Province is cold and dry in winter, and potato seed potatoes have a long shelf life and are difficult to obtain. The advantages of mesh bag storage technology: Ventilation inside the potato heap is better than bulk storage, which can avoid problems such as rot or germination due to injury and heat, and it is not necessary to pour heat during storage. This will not only save storage costs but also reduce storage losses. In addition, different varieties can be added to store in different tags, which avoids the disadvantages of different types of storage in the same cellar and mechanical mixing. (1) Basic conditions for storage The potato cellar is a permanent underground arched brick cellar with a cellar depth of 3.5 meters, an arch span of 4 meters, a length of 30 meters, and two buildings side by side. The cellar door is on the ground, and it is entered into the cellar by a ladder. There are 10 vents in the cellar roof and strong exhaust devices are provided. Appropriate storage capacity is between 180,000 and 200,000 kilograms. The floor of the cellar is padded with 3 to 5 centimeters of finely sanitised sand, so that if necessary, artificial watering methods can be used to increase the humidity. The net bag uses a general 40 kg plastic medium eye mesh bag for vegetables. (II) Storage Technology of Seed Potato Bags 1. Prior to entering the pit, the potato cell disinfection seed was sprayed with 75% chlorothalonil 500 times on the ground sand and walls; then the cellar doors and vents were sealed and used. The aerosol was fumigated and sterilized. After 2 days in airtightness, it was ventilated for several days to prepare for storage. 2. The seed potato enters the pit in the middle or late October. The minimum temperature in the night has dropped below 0°C. The outdoor is no longer suitable for the storage of seed potatoes. The qualified seed potatoes are selected and put into the storage bag in the cellar storage in time to avoid bumping. damage. When entering the pit, the seed potatoes are placed in the weight, the bags are parallel to the pit, and each drop is placed neatly, so that there is a large gap between the net bags, which is conducive to ventilation, and can not be placed under pressure; each can be placed 7 to 8 storey high, if necessary, can be placed 9 to 10 storey high. Longitudinal ventilation channels of 0.3 to 0.4 meters in width are arranged for every 10 to 15 rows in the longitudinal direction. Each building is provided with 0.5 to 0.6 meters wide ventilation and temperature and humidity checking channels on one side of the wall. The other side of the cellar wall is at the bottom of the potato bags. The ventilated wooden cage 0.2 meters in diameter and 0.2 meters in diameter, which was nailed with wooden slats, was discharged in sequence. This allowed the ventilating channels in the pit and the pit vents in the pit to communicate with each other to form a complete ventilation system. 3. The temperature and humidity management in the cellar after entering the cellar shall set up special management personnel to regularly check and adjust the temperature and humidity. When the seed potato enters the pit, the temperature in the pit has dropped to 5 to 6°C due to the drop in outdoor temperature. After the seed potato enters the pit, all vents are opened, and the air is exhausted regularly to ventilate and cool the cellar temperature slowly. For 10 to 15 days, until early November, the outdoor temperature has dropped to 0 to -10°C, and the cellar temperature has dropped to 3 to 4°C to reach a suitable storage temperature range. When the outdoor temperature drops below -10°C, the vent must be properly closed to prevent the seed potatoes near the vent from freezing. From mid-November to mid-February of the following year, the temperature is generally maintained at -10 to -25°C, and the cellar temperature is steadily reduced, reaching the range of 2 to 3°C during this period. Usually, the cellar doors and ventilation holes should be sealed, and straw curtains should be covered with antifreeze on seed potatoes near the vents. At this time, if there is excessive ventilation, the external temperature is too low, the seed potato is susceptible to frost damage, and it is easy to frost near the vent or condensed into water droplets at the pit floor. After the dripping, the top seed potato is too wet to reduce the storage quality. However, in order to maintain the normal breathing and physiological activity of seed potatoes, as well as the safety of people entering the pits, it is necessary to have a moderate degree of ventilation. Usually, as long as the storage reaches a certain scale, the humidity in the pit can be maintained at 88% to 90%, and no artificial humidification is needed. 4. Selected cellars From late February to mid-to late March, the outside temperature gradually rises. It is necessary to control the rise in cellar temperature, and carefully select and package the cellar in a timely manner.

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