Diesel engine cooling should pay attention to what

In order to allow the diesel engine to operate normally, the large amount of heat that burns the work of the fuel supply system is dissipated, and cooling water is required to circulate heat. Currently, well water or tap water is commonly consumed in urban and rural areas. As a result, urban and rural motorcycle drivers and agricultural operators have used well water and tap water as diesel cooling water. In fact, the use of well water, tap water to cool the diesel engine is not good. Why can't diesel engines use well water and tap water as cooling water? Because well water and tap water contain a lot of minerals, the chemical elements that are most harmful are called calcium and magnesium salts. We call water that generally contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium salts as "hard water", water that contains only small amounts or no calcium and magnesium salts as "soft water," and the amount of calcium and magnesium salts that are contained in water as "hardness." "To represent. Water hardness can be divided into "temporary hardness" and "permanent hardness" two. Therefore, after the well water and tap water are put into the diesel water tank, the water temperature rises to boiling after a long time. The water will decompose to produce water-insoluble sediments, which adhere to the cooling system waterway cylinder head, cylinder liner, and waterway inner wall. This is The "permanent hardness" produced by calcium and magnesium is scale. There is scale in the cooling system, which will seriously affect the cooling of the body, causing the body temperature is too high, bad air intake, power drop; at high temperatures, the lubricating oil becomes thin and the lubrication is poor, parts are not evenly distributed, resulting in the body "speed", cylinder The head and cylinder liner ruptured and even caused an explosion. In Wutan Town, Suining County, Jiangsu Province, from April 2000 to March 24, 2001, there have been long-term use of tap water as cooling water by agricultural machinery operators, and the scales on the inner wall of the cooling system were not frequently cleaned, affecting the heat-dissipating temperature and expanding the body. One set of cylinder heads and cylinder liners were seized and the economic loss was more than 1,500 yuan. Therefore, urban and rural tap water, well water, and hawthorn water and mud mortar containing more calcium salts and magnesium salts cannot be directly used as cooling water, but clean river water, rainwater, and snow water should be used. Then, if there is no emergency in the river and rain, should it be supposed to happen? Methods are: available well water, tap water after cooling by boiling precipitation used as cooling water, eliminating the original well water, tap water contains "hardness" part of the minerals. What if I have a lot of scale? Under the guidance of the relevant technicians, a 25% hydrochloric acid solution can be injected into the water channel, and the net can be placed after 10 minutes. If it is difficult to clean it, it can be repeated several times. Repeatedly wash with clean water to prevent hydrochloric acid solution corrosion of metal objects.

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